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A Kid's Guide to How to Save the Planet (Camelot World)

A Kid's Guide to How to Save the Planet (Camelot World)

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Product Description Now everyone can help save the environment. This practical volume includes tips that readers and their families can use to help improve our world. Charts, graphs, timelines and diagrams really make the point as the hazards of avid rain, population growth, the greenhouse effect, endangered species and other topics are discussed. From Publishers Weekly The final sentence of this well-intentioned, clearly focused book neatly sums up its author's message: "It's your planet, so do something about it." Goodman emphasizes throughout that the Earth's resources are being used up at a frighteningly fast rate, and that everyone must do his or her part to halt global destruction. In addition to pleading for action, the author provides a good deal of background information, including statistics and charts that help drive home his all-important point. Goodman describes the first forms of life on Earth; the food chain, more aptly called the food web; interactions between various animals and between animals and plants; the causes and effects of global warming and acid rain; the importance of recycling and of preserving endangered species of animals and plants. The lively text is studded with examples and analogies that kids will readily identify with (photosynthesis is "a way for plants to sunbathe and get a meal at the same time"). Strong but not strident, this book should be required reading for all middle graders. A Kid's Guide is among the first titles in the new Camelot World nonfiction series. Ages 8-12. Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.


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