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Brand: Lucent Books

American War Library - The Civil War: Primary Sources [Library Binding] David

American War Library - The Civil War: Primary Sources [Library Binding] David

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Product description The history of the American Civil War is often remembered as a series of battles and political maneuverings. This volume in Lucent Book's American War Library attempts to augment that image by focusing on the very personal reflections of those who lived through that tumultuous period. Soldiers, statesmen, and civilians interpreted the Civil War as it unfolded. They wrote letters, editorials, even proclamations that bring to life the excitement, fears, and tragedy of the times to those who study them more than century later. Review "The text is supplemented by quotes from primary-source materials such as letters, diaries, and published accounts written by soldiers, nurses, and civilians." -- School Library Journal (September 2001) ( School Library Journal 20010901) "A forward explains why it is important to look at America as a country defined by the wars it chose to wage while an introduction seeks to explain why the United States chose to wage this particular war. The epilogue details what happened to many of those involved. Black-and-white photographs show men, women, and materiel. (It) will appeal to a wide range of ages; clear, concise, and user-friendly, it is tailor-made for reports but will still attract browsers." -- School Library Journal (August 2001) ( School Library Journal 20010801) "The chapters that follow deal with the trained but ill-informed soldiers, living conditions, dangers, uncontrolled behaviors, postwar personal problems, closure, and lessons learned. The texts are organized in double-column pages with detailed sidebars in tinted boxes. Many primary sources are quoted...volumes are liberally illustrated with good-quality, black-and-white captioned photos. Vocabulary is appropriate while at the same time describing the situation without softening the impact or tempering the language in the soldier's statements. These are definitely titles that should be considered for purchase." -- School Library Journal (June 2001) ( School Library Journal 20010601) "An introduction presents a brief background history...The text is then divided into five chronological chapters...The epilogue concluded with a balanced discussion of the period. Well-captioned, black-and-white photos, supplement the main presentation. Documentation is thorough, with detailed notes. This informative presentation will be a good source for reports and for general interest." -- School Library Journal (April 2001) ( School Library Journal 20010401)


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