Below Your Belt: How to be Queen of your Pelvic Region Lavender, Missy; Donatelli Ihm, Jeni and

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Product Description WINNER OF FOUR INDEPENDENT PUBLISHING AWARDS When was the last time anyone talked to you about going to the bathroom? Probably not since you were potty trained! Did you know there are exercises that improve sports performance as they improve pelvic health? And, have you or your daughter every wanted to curl into a ball and stay home from school or work while you have your period? More than a book about first periods and changing bodies, Below Your Belt is a pelvic health handbook to teach women and girls about the WHOLE picture – about the other things going on "down there" in addition to menstruation. BYB helps girls be strong from the inside out, as they participate in sports; establish habits surrounding bathroom behaviors, hygiene, and nutrition; and head into young adulthood and beyond with a new understanding and connection to their pelvic region. Why is this so important? All of these questions address ever-increasing pelvic healthcare costs in the U.S., where nearly $66 billion is spent on incontinence products and treatment alone. Studies have shown that millions of girls already experience symptoms around compromised pelvic health including frequent urinary tract infections and constipation. These symptoms alone can follow girls into adulthood, creating both physical and social discomfort. Taking readers on a journey through their pelvic region will shine light on each part including bones and muscles, bladder and bowel health, ovulation and periods, core energizing stretches and exercises, hygiene, and more. In addition to the engaging and humorous text, Below Your Belt includes proper terminology, illustrations and diagrams, a “texting Lexicon,” Glossary, Conversation Starters and many other websites, products, and additional resources. For girls ages 10-14, parents, caregivers, educators and healthcare providers. From School Library Journal Gr 4–8—How does one rule the pelvic area like a queen? With knowledge and confidence, according to Lavender and Ihm. Readers learn what constitutes the pelvic region (the pelvic bones, muscles, and organs), as well as how the digestive, reproductive, and urinary systems function within the region. The authors then focus on healthy practices, which include eating enough fiber to avoid constipation, doing exercises aimed at improving pelvic strength, and keeping track of one's menstrual cycle. Lavender and Ihm bring together different topics related to the pelvic region into one comprehensive guide with the goal of educating girls in order to ensure a lifetime of pelvic health. In an effort to tap into youth culture, the authors use text messaging—style abbreviations. For instance, the phrase pelvic floor muscles becomes PFM and know your cycle is shortened to KYC. This may be frustrating for readers with less than perfect recall; however, a "Text It" lexicon is provided. Information is presented in an accessible format with many highlighted subsections and cute, colorful illustrations that add a decidedly lighthearted feel while augmenting the text. The extensive resources include books for kids and parents as well as online sites. The chummy tone will attract readers, but it might also deter the more sophisticated. Regardless, the content is useful and the title is unique. VERDICT Recommended for libraries needing a boost in health material for middle school girls.—Ragan O'Malley, Saint Ann's School, Brooklyn, NY Review The work you did is fabulous!! I am so impressed. The stats related to the lack of correct body, menstrual, and pelvic information is overwhelming so the information you offer is awesome. Your work is long overdue. Congratulations!!! -- Francie Bernier, Ph.D., RN, Assistant Professor, Eleanor Wade Custer School of Nursing, Shenandoah University I am SO EXCITED about this book. I think it is long overdue and absolutely wonderful!! -- Jill Stein, Resource Coordinator, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Osher Center for Integrative Medici