Breaking Bold: Dare to Defy the Tyranny of Trends and Live the Relationship

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Product Description Are the kids OK? There may be no more essential question for educators today. In a moment when mental health issues are bearing down on our students, the role of educators must expand to meet not only the academic needs but also the social and emotional needs of our students. On the heels of his best-selling book, Bold School, Weston Kieschnick and co-author Molly Kieschnick offer Breaking Bold as a manifesto for all educators hungry for both permission and a path to prioritize and cultivate positive relationships with ALL students in future focused learning environments.    Determined not to contribute confusion to the conversation around how to build relationships, Weston and Molly—educators, co-hosts of the “Teaching Keating” podcast (downloaded by more than 60k listeners every week), and spouses—seek to provide a way forward. Poring over the research from leading educators, neuroscientists, and psychologists, Weston and Molly have culled from it the twelve habits for cultivating meaningful relationships, as well as strategies, tools, and assessments teachers can use to grow masterful in each. Those who fold into their practice any or all of these twelve habits will be better equipped to break from the tyranny of trends and tests and towards what matters most to our students—reaching the whole child so that our children can learn from us, develop SEL skills, and prepare for long, happy, fruitful careers and futures.    Review "Wes and Molly's book will have you hooked from the first couple of pages. I laughed out loud several times as I read Chapter 1, simultaneously marveling at the connection to them that I was feeling and wondering where they were headed. And of course it all clicked because ultimately this book is about relationships. This amazing author duo says that they like to "learn in a way that is meaningful, memorable, joyful, personal ... and human." Guess what? They write that way too." - Dr. Scott McLeod, Associate Professor, Educational Leadership, University of Colorado Denver; Founding Director, CASTLE "Through stories, humor, research, experiences and sheer passion and love for children, Molly and Weston Kieschnick have provided us a masterful work on how we can all break bold to build and sustain relationships with students to improve their educational experiences and outcomes. This book will inform and transform the way that teachers think about, feel, and do their work. Breaking Bold is essential reading for any educator who truly cares about the overall health and well-being of our students." - ​Tyrone Howard, Professor of Education, Associate Dean for Equity & Inclusion, Graduate School of Education & Information Studies UCLA "Relationships are at the core of who we are and what we do as educators. We want to have great relationships with students, families, colleagues, and the community. Weston and Molly do a fantastic job of defining what it means to not only want to have great relationships but how you as an educator can create an environment where they are cultivated. The blend of research and pedagogy is uniquely intertwined within the story they weave throughout the pages. It honestly felt like they were in my living room having a conversation about how we can all get better while understanding that we can't do it alone." - Joe Sanfelippo, 2019 National Superintendent of the Year, Co-Author Hacking Leadership   "Molly and Wes are the literary duo that I've been waiting for. Breaking Bold is filled with funny stories, relatable moments that any educator can use in their classroom and they just keep it real. From being vulnerable with your students and colleagues, to having the belief that ALL students can learn, they lay it out so any educator at any level will take what they read and implement something amazing for their students. I've read hundreds of education books and Breaking Bold is one that I'll be gifting to many educators for years - two thumbs all day long