Calmed: Growth After Trauma [Paperback] Hobbs, Jennifer

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As a true story told through dual perspectives, a powerful love ignites amidst the chaos in a combat zone between Baghdad and Abu Ghraib, Iraq. Two young soldiers from completely different lives unite together on a deployment-mostly under the privacy of mosquito netting since fraternization was frowned upon. Jennifer was more timid about needing to keep their relationship private, whereas Ryan didn't take well to orders and was rather experienced in manipulating the system. When a devastating explosion crumbles the course of their lives and budding relationship, they must navigate through the grief separately to find healing. The following years rain with struggles and destructive coping mechanisms as bandaids are slapped on the deep wounds of trauma, yet their love paves a path to each other again. Calmed. is the recount of their journeys, how combat brought them together and drove them apart, and a reflection of the laughter and tears through the heartbreak as they learned to trust each other again.