Chicken Soup for the College Soul: Inspiring and Humorous Stories About College Canfield, Jack;

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Product Description This latest helping of loving inspiration follows the millions of loyal readers of the Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul series to the next stage of their lives, beyond adolescence and into young adulthood. Readers will love having this invaluable collection to guide, inspire, support and encourage them throughout their college experience. If readers are devotees of the series, they will recognize this book as an instant source of strength and comfort; if this book is their introduction to the series, they will come to treasure it quickly. College is a time of excitement, exuberance and triumph, as well as one of anxiety, doubt and confusion. Readers will identify with the stories that express feelings they undoubtedly share as they stand at the brink of adulthood, sometimes ready to take the world by storm, other times wondering whether they will ever be ready. This book deals with the myriad issues of college life, from homesickness to partying to G.P.A.s and everything in between. Whether freshmen, sophomores, juniors or seniors, this book is a must-read for all college students-as they'll be sure to agree. College graduates, too, will enjoy reminiscing about those unforgettable years as they read the stories in this collection. Chicken Soup for the College Soul is sure to be a hit with all readers. About the Author JACK CANFIELD and MARK VICTOR HANSEN, #1 New York Times and USA Today bestselling coauthors, are professional speakers who have dedicated their lives to enhancing the personal and professional development of others. Canfield and Hansen are based out of Santa Barbara, California and Newport Beach, California, respectively. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Shoes in The Shower You've never done this before. You can't even come up with some neat comparison to a past experience to make you feel less awkward. It doesn't help that everyone else is doing it, since it's because of them that you have to do it in the first place. Suddenly you have to accept this totally backward behavior as if it were logical, from now on, no end in sight. In college you wear shoes in the shower. You are halfway across the country living by yourself for probably the first time. Your childhood seems like it's over. You are surrounded by people you don't know, from places you've never been, who probably all have athlete's foot. Your dorm room is supposed to be the same one you saw on your college tour, but you know it's smaller, colder and uglier than the one you saw when your mom was with you. You walk in and are standing in front of a girl you've never met, who you will have to live with all year. She is dressed differently from you and is from a state you've never visited. You probably have nothing in common. No amount of protective footwear is too drastic under these circumstances. The first few days are like a dream. The shower continues to be the testing ground for your ability to adapt to these conditions. You are sure that everyone but you has figured out how to shave her legs in these small cubicles. You glance wistfully at the people in the hall wondering who could possibly fill in for the best friend you left at home, in whose bathroom you could always go barefoot. You cry yourself to sleep a couple of times and find yourself counting the days until Thanksgiving. What were you thinking? The state college thirty minutes away would have been just fine, probably much safer. You call home and tell your parents how homesick you are. Sure, you went to that party Saturday night, which was okay, but surely they understand that that's nothing compared to your misery. Your parents say "Give it a chance" so often that you become convinced that they are putting the phone down next to the family parrot and walking away. But after a while, the Shoeless Night happens. It comes to everybody, sooner or later. Perhaps for you it is a midnight McDonald's run with some girls on your floor