The Self-Defense Handbook: The Best Street Fighting Moves and Self-Defense

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Product Description Teach Yourself Self-Defense! Inside this four-part self-defense training manual, you will learn: The Principles of Self-Defense. The information in this section is more valuable from a self-defense point of view than any of the individual techniques. Basic Self-Defense Techniques. Simple and effective moves to escape your attacker(s) and get to safety. Advanced Strikes & Strategies. Use these tactics when the basic self-defense techniques are too aggressive, such as in a "friendly" pub or schoolyard brawl. Weapon Disarms. Advanced lessons on how to disarm an attacker and fight multiple opponents. This is the only self-defense training manual you need, because these are the best street fighting moves around! Get it now. Discover Real Street Fighting Tactics The best target areas for self-defense and which strikes to use. How to achieve street fighting knockouts. Ground fighting techniques for self-defense. Easy to apply strategies for attack and defense. The correct way to use choke holds and how to escape them. The best self-defense objects from everyday items. Weapon vs weapon street fighting training. How to adapt what you learn to any situation. Adapted From Proven Street Fighting Styles This no-nonsense self-defense training manual focuses on the most effective techniques from a wide variety of martial arts, including (but not limited to): Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's martial art) Vortex Control Self-Defense (eclectic self-defense) Kali/Escrima Arnis (Filipino weapon-based martial arts) Wing Chun (efficient Chinese martial art) Krav Maga (Israel military) Systema (Russian military) Mixed Martial Arts (strikes and ground fighting) and more! Includes 4 Free Bonuses! Get your copy of The Self-Defense Handbook today and you will also receive: Your self-defense daily training routine. A "go-to" disaster response action plan. Special Report: How to run up walls. A critical first aid guide, including an emergency first aid cheat sheet. Teach yourself self-defense that works, because this is one of the best street fighting books around! Get it now. Review AmberMoon86 Great how to book for self defense Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2020 This book is great for how to defend yourself in multiple scenarios. Though it doesn't offer much in the way of recognizing when it's appropriate. The wording and pictures are relatively easy to understand. Of course, I will still need to spend a lot of time practicing before I am confident that I can execute any of this when in danger. There were a couple moves that I intend to look up on YouTube. Not because I think this book is deficient, but because it was a bit on the complicated side and I don't think any description or picture combination would be enough for me to know I'm doing it right. == WarpedMind Efficient, Concise, Effective - Like the Author's Self Defense Style Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2020 Sam Fury does a great job with this book on self-defense. His style of writing and teaching is very concise and to the point. He wastes no words. Like well-timed and expertly placed jabs, he tells you exactly what you need to know for each defensive and offensive move. This book is written to be reviewed while sparring, learning, or practicing with a partner. That's the best way to take advantage of the knowledge that Sam Fury shares with the reader. To read the book straight through, it won't take long at all. But the real benefit will be seen by practicing perhaps just one to three moves at a time. At that rate, this book can take months to finish and years to master. If you value your life and want to protect yourself and those you love, you'll definitely want to take this more methodical approach. If you are an absolute beginner, you will find all the info you need to get started. However, if you are the type that needs extra details or would like to read about the theories behind the moves, anecdotal stories of how the moves have helpe