Fanning the Flame: Bible, Cross, and Mission Gardner, Paul D. and Green, Chris

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Titled after the landmark 2003 National Evangelical Anglican Congress---the first such event in fifteen years---Fanning the Flame contains important material written specially for the occasion. Its theme of 'Bible, Cross and Mission' explores why each of these themes can rightly claim to be essential to our identity as evangelicals, and why each is crucial in a different way: * The Bible is God's Word from which we will not stray, by which we must live, and which we must proclaim. * The Cross is God's gift from which everything we believe and do flows. * Mission is God's calling to which we are all committed. Contributors include: Peter Ackroyd * Phil Baskerville * Wallace Benn * Gerald Bray * Andrew Cornes * Graham Cray * Tim Dakin * Dave Fenton * Ida Glaser * Edith Humphrey * Simea de Souza Meldrum * Rico Tice * Timothy Ward * David Zac Niringiye