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Gunstock Carving: The Most Complete Guide to Carving and Engraving Gunstocks (Fox Chapel Publishing)

Gunstock Carving: The Most Complete Guide to Carving and Engraving Gunstocks (Fox Chapel Publishing)

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Product Description The specialized art of carving gunstocks is very popular with both hunters and crafters. Many hunters commission artists to carve an image replicating a successful hunt on their gun or rifle which is then displayed to commemorate their catch. This type of woodcarving can be very lucrative and now carvers of all levels can learn this process from start to finish with this new book by Bill Janney.This book provides everything a carver needs to get started in the art of gunstock carving. The author offers an overview on the special tools required, a reference section on gunstocks and wood, a step-by-step demonstration in full color photography, and over 25 patterns including:DeerElkDuckHunting DogsRamsBig Game: Elephants, Rhinoceros, Lions, and GazelleAnd moreThe patterns are meant to be photocopied and placed on the gun, providing a traceable outline to following while carving. Also included are patterns for:Basketweave backgroundFishweave background From the Back Cover The art of gunstock carving originated in Europe where the sport of hunting was taken very seriously. Elite sportsmen used beautiful guns with lavish engravings to show respect for the animals they hunted. Today, gunstock carving is still taken seriously as a lucrative profession and example of custom craftsmanship. Now, you can learn the techniques behind this historic art from award-winning carver, Bill Janney. Follow the author's step-by-step demonstration and learn to carve: - Fish scale and oak leaf patterns - Basket weave and acanthus leaf patterns - Scenes featuring real animals Here's what you will find: - Tree full-color, step-by-step carving demonstrations - An inspirational full-color photo gallery of carved guns - Complete overview of tools, materials, and safety precautions - Resource listing - 20 pages of wildlife and ornamental patterns About the Author A retired electrician, Bill Janney has a full-time gunstock carving business. His work has been displayed at the SHOT (Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade) Show held in Dallas, Texas, the Ward World Championship Carving Competition in Ocean City, Maryland, and featured in Chip Chats and Rifle magazines. Bill has also produced videos and appeared on a PBS-TV program called American Woodshop. A blue-ribbon winner and Paragrave's Master Carver, Bill teaches carving around the United States. He lives in Middletown, Ohio. A schedule of his classes and other information is on his website,


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