A handful of buttons: Picture book about family diversity

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Product Description Not all families are the same. Each family is different, unique and special.This is the beginning of a children's book about family diversity. What types of families are there? And what special thing makes them a family? These are some of the answers we want to offer to encourage tolerance towards others.Families are as diverse as A Handful of Buttons, but something they have in common is LOVE ♥. A great story to introduce different families in a fun and creative way!So, if you are looking for a good inclusive and diverse children's book that feature families of all types, this is a great choice.  Review ★★★★ ''I'd absolutely recommend this book to parents, teachers, and librarians who are looking for a unique way to introduce children to modern families.'' -- Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite. ★★★★★''I love using books to introduce and extend on concepts with children. This wonderful book incorporates so many different types of families in such a fun way.'' -- Inspired Childhood by Katrina.★★★★★''It's a wonderful book to spark discussion about family diversity and that all families are beautiful and unique.'' -- Emily Seefeldt for Diverse Children's Literature Book Reviews Blog.★★★★★''This book highlights family and the diversity that can be present in each child's upbringing by focusing on the importance of love over the presence of the same race across each member of a family.''  --  Adoption Choices of Oklahoma★★★★★''A wonderful message of diversity, centered firmly on tolerance and love.''  -- Indies Today. From the Author I hope you enjoy it! if you do, please take a moment and review my book ;) Thank You!  About the Author Carmen Parets (1983) - Early childhood educator (ECE), Children's book author/llustrator and children's book blogger. She has written and illustrated over 7 children's books. Her books are published in three languages: English, Spanish and Catalan.