How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence

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Product Description Have you ever wanted to read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and really understand what they're saying? Learn how they impact your life; your rights and freedoms? How the branches of government were formed, and why?You're not alone. Millions of Americans want a deeper understanding of theircountry's founding principles and don't know where to start. When theConstitution and the Declaration of Independence were written by ourfounders over two centuries ago, they were designed to endure. Andindeed they've remained, as Paul Skousen writes, "the most amazingfreedom formula ever invented"--but navigating eighteenth-century legallanguage can be challenging.Recognizing this problem, Skousenprovides an easy, step-by-step guide that will forever change the wayyou think about your country and your freedoms. Using visual tools,exercises, and several valuable memory aids, this book will help you:*    Master the Constitution's seven articles and the twenty-seven important rights named in the Bill of Rights.*  Navigate the Declaration's five power statements on freedom and unlock their eighteenth-century phrases with a convenient glossary.*    Find the answers to ten popular myths about the Constitution.*    Discover how the Constitution's guiding principles protect human rights.*    And so much more.Thousands of books describe the origins of these famous documents, but only How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence gives you a path to truly understanding them. Review It's great! I highly recommend "How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence!" --Sam Sorbo, Actress; Host of The Sam Sorbo Show "How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence" is the best book of the 2016 election season but it has nothing to do with candidates or political parties. It is a handbook every voter should have to understand why the polling booth transcends politics.This is an easy-to-read guide to discover why we call ourselves Constitutionalists and not just Conservatives. Just from reading it for the first time (it's a book worth perusing regularly), I have a better understanding of the logical reasoning behind the writings of the Founding Fathers and a deeper appreciation for their gifted vision of a United States of America. "How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence" is powerful ammunition for Patriots on the front lines in the fight for Liberty. - Peter Gemma, conservative writer; veteran political activist As an educator I am concerned that the next generation be able to understand the wisdom in our country's brilliant founding documents.After reading Mr. Skousen's new book, How to Read and Understand the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, I believe a very useful, simple, and innovative way to understand that system is here. Now anyone can take those documents and, following the outline in this text, unravel the plain meaning. How they came about;how they are laid out; unfamiliar terms are clearly explained; short historical context; tests to check for understanding--It's all there. I recommend this small volume for individuals and for school districts.With its simple layout, a teacher could easily use it as part of a unit on our nation's founding. --Ivan Brown, Chairman Constitution Party of Arizona "How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence" by Paul B. Skousen makes our nation's founding documents easier to read and remember. This book can arm the reader with understanding and patriotic vigilance to protect our nation and allow it to continue to stand as a beacon to the world. I recommend this book to any and all who are patriotic and freedom loving. It is one tool that can help us defend our homes, our families, our beliefs, and our ability to live safely, securely and happily. --AML Review About the Author Paul B. Skousen is an investigative journalist, writer, and