The Iraq Study Group Report: The Way Forward - A New Approach [Paperback] The Iraq Study Group; Speedmerchant65 / Fireside Books

The Iraq Study Group Report: The Way Forward - A New Approach [Paperback] The Iraq Study Group;

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Product Description On March 15, 2006, members from both parties in Congress supported the creation of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group to review the situation on the ground and propose strategies for the way forward. For more than eight months, the Study Group met with military officers, regional experts, academics, journalists, and high-level government officials from America and abroad. Participants included George W. Bush and members of his cabinet; Bill Clinton; Jalal Talabani; Nouri Kamal al-Maliki; Generals John Abizaid, George Casey, and Anthony Zinni; Colin Powell; Thomas Friedman; George Packer; and many others. This official edition contains the Group’s findings and proposals for improving security, strengthening the new government, rebuilding the economy and infrastructure, and maintaining stability in the region. It is a highly anticipated and essential step forward for Iraq, America, and the world. From Booklist *Starred Review* Recent residence on Mars would be the only excuse for someone being unaware of this document, delivered by the Iraq Study Group to the Bush administration and simultaneously and inexpensively published for the general public. And there is no excuse for any public library, large or small, not to own a copy. Whether or not the report's recommendations will be adopted by President Bush in whole or in part is a question to be answered in upcoming months. As it stands at this moment, the report is the orphan of all documents, unembraced by beltway Republicans and Democrats alike. Nevertheless, every citizen should read it. It is a gloomy experience to enter its pages, to be sure; the opening line is now famous: "The situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating." But it is also a surprisingly crisply and clearly written report, an incredibly cogent look at where we are in Iraq and how we should proceed. The text is divided into two primary sections: "Assessment" and "A New Approach," with the second section including 79 precise recommendations to the administration for "moving forward." Agree with the points made or not, no reader can come away from this trenchant account without a more enhanced opinion. Brad Hooper Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved About the Author James A. Baker, III — Co-Chair James A. Baker, III has served in senior government positions under three United States presidents. He served as the nation’s 61st Secretary of State from January 1989 through August 1992 under President George H. W. Bush. During his tenure at the State Department, Mr. Baker traveled to 90 foreign countries as the United States confronted the unprecedented challenges and opportunities of the post–Cold War era. Mr. Baker’s reflections on those years of revolution, war, and peace— The Politics of Diplomacy—was published in 1995. Mr. Baker served as the 67th Secretary of the Treasury from 1985 to 1988 under President Ronald Reagan. As Treasury Secretary, he was also Chairman of the President's Economic Policy Council. From 1981 to 1985, he served as White House Chief of Staff to President Reagan. Mr. Baker’s record of public service began in 1975 as Under Secretary of Commerce to President Gerald Ford. It concluded with his service as White House Chief of Staff and Senior Counselor to President Bush from August 1992 to January 1993. Long active in American presidential politics, Mr. Baker led presidential campaigns for Presidents Ford, Reagan, and Bush over the course of five consecutive presidential elections from 1976 to 1992. A native Houstonian, Mr. Baker graduated from Princeton University in 1952. After two years of active duty as a lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, he entered the University of Texas School of Law at Austin. He received his J.D. with honors in 1957 and practiced law with the Houston firm of Andrews and Kurth from 1957 to 1975. Mr. Baker’s memoir— Work Hard, Study . . . and Keep Out of Politics! Adventures and Lessons from an Unex