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Macgregor Brides (Macgregors) Roberts, Nora

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Product Description The illustrious MacGregor clan's irresistible patriarch--and relentless matchmaker--is determined to have his three lovely granddaughters engaged by Christmas and has handpicked three unsuspecting gentlemen as their prospective mates. Original. From Library Journal In this trilogy of linked novellas, Roberts returns to her popular MacGregor clan series, this time to see the family's 90-year-old matchmaking patriarch "arrange" for the satisfactory marriages of his three eldest granddaughters. Of course, they are all totally focused on their professions, and marriage is the last thing on their minds?but Daniel wants grandchildren and he intends to get them. Fast-paced, warmly romantic, and filled with deftly portrayed characters, this charming, though lightly plotted story with a Christmas finale is a perfect holiday diversion, and fans, particularly of the earlier MacGregor stories (e.g., For Now, Forever, Silhouette, 1987) will be waiting. The quintessential Roberts, winner of the 1997 Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award, lives in Maryland. Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.