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Marijuana Garden Saver: A Field Guide to Identifying and Correcting Cannabis

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Product Description Marijuana Garden Saver is the go-to field guide designed for growers who need to quickly identify and fix problems and restore plant health. It covers the pests, diseases, nutrient deficiencies, and environmental stresses that impact a cannabis garden, threatening a successful harvest. This revised and updated edition of Marijuana Garden Saver is the resource for all types of gardens, greenhouses, and farms: Clear photographs help you quickly identify problems indoors and out Provides clear instructions and suggests a variety of products and techniques to keep your garden healthy Features organic and safe IPM solutionsThe most trusted name in marijuana cultivation is here to save your garden. Review “Ed Rosenthal's comprehensive and newly updated Marijuana Garden Saver is a must-have for any cannabis cultivator interested in recognizing and treating problems that can, and will, arise in the garden.” —Danny Danko, Senior Cultivation Editor at High Times Magazine “Ed Rosenthal has done it again. He has written a comprehensive field guide to growing cannabis. Read his latest book Marijuana Garden Saver and learn how to grow great cannabis. The book covers topics like nutrients, how to solve pests invasion, what to do when diseases like algae strike, environmental stresses, and other cannabis problems. This book is very educational and is perfect for the pot smoker who wants to start growing marijuana.” —Clarisa Strohmeyer, About the Author Ed Rosenthal is the world’s leading expert on the cultivation of marijuana. His books have sold well over a million copies and his most recent edition of Marijuana Grower’s Handbook has revolutionized the field. Ed is also on the faculty of Oaksterdam University, the leading trade school for the cannabis industry. His classes teach pupils how different techniques can be used to improve the yield and efficiency of their gardens. Ed has always been driven by a desire to develop innovative, effective, and non-toxic methods of gardening. He was one of the original American writers to travel to Holland, bringing the knowledge and sophistication of European horticulture to the U.S. through his books and Ask Ed column. While his career has focused on marijuana cultivation, he is an avid gardener of edible plants and flowers as well. Ultimately, Ed believes that no matter the plant, a gardener should never be forced to resort to using potentially dangerous means in order to enjoy a bountiful harvest. Beyond the garden, Ed views marijuana law as a crucial social issue and has been active in promoting and developing policies of civil regulation. In 2003 he was tried in Federal Court for cultivation in a trial where the jury was not allowed to hear that he was deputized by the City of Oakland to provide marijuana for patients. His trial shifted public opinion in favor of state medical marijuana laws. His best-selling titles include: The Big Book of Buds series, Marijuana Garden Saver, Best of Ask Ed, and Marijuana Grower's Handbook, among others. Ed Rosenthal lives in Oakland, California.