The New Method 20/20 - Target Toning [DVD]

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After guiding viewers through a couple sun salutations and some yoga push-ups, Lisa Wheeler grabs her hand-weights for some "Focused Sculpting" in the first 20-minute workout. She combines awkward chair and plié poses with exercises aimed at the arm and shoulder muscles, primarily the triceps. She finishes up with Pilates roll-ups and some traditional stretches. Marjon Conteau takes over for the second routine, beginning with a yoga/dance stretch of pliés, lunges, and a modified warrior pose. Her "Precise Toning" routine is a yoga/Pilates/dance blend employing such poses as cat and camel. Then it's down to the floor for some legwork, sit-ups, and bridge poses. These barefoot workouts presented by low-key instructors combine to form an easily mastered routine to tone both the upper and lower body. --Kimberly Heinrichs