The New Method 20/20 Series: Core Cardio

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If you're a well-coordinated, intermediate-level aerobic dancer and you enjoy highly choreographed dance routines, you'll like this video. The first of the two 20-minute workouts consists of complex, jazzy dance patterns built into a routine. Lisa Wheeler will lead you through hip-walk, knee-pop, pivot, and pose with plenty of attitude. Tracey Mallett leads the second workout, also jazzy, with more Latin moves. The instructors, who are joined by six young (and impossibly slender) women, don't teach as much as demonstrate, so it's helpful if you have some dance background. Live musicians play, but their music seems too subdued to match the energy or flavor of the dance routines. Both workouts end with abdominals and a brief stretch. Recommended for aerobic dancers who like choreography challenges and have an easy time picking them up. Coordination and mobile hips required. "--Joan Price"