The Official Ninja Foodi: The Pressure Cooker that Crisps: Complete Cookbook for Beginners: Your Expert Guide to Pressure Cook, Air Fry, Dehydrate, and More (Ninja Cookbooks)

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Product Description Make the most of your Ninja Foodi with this official companion cookbookThere’s never been a simpler way to master the many features of the Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven machine. This sheet pan cookbook is bursting with beginner basic guidance, hot tips, and tasty food recipes for the whole family. From 60-second preheats to big-batch sheet pan cooking, let this official guide show you how you can take your meals to the next level.This sheet pan cookbook features:STRAIGHTFORWARD INSTRUCTIONS GREAT FOR BEGINNERS: Serve up perfection with straightforward instructions that teach you how to take advantage of your Ninja® Foodi™ Digital Air Fry Oven’s unique capabilities. QUICK & EASY RECIPES: Learn how to whip up 75 delicious dishes, ranging from appetizers, desserts, vegetarian dishes, beef, chicken, or pork mains, and so much more. Find something for every diet and lifestyle and cook something new each day.HELPFUL FAQs: Get answers for how to convert conventional oven recipes, what kind of cookware you can use from your kitchen, and more.There’s never been a more convenient appliance than the Ninja® Foodi™ Digital Air Fry Oven―or a better cookbook to pair with it. Review "This book is the perfect companion to the Ninja Foodi. With so much helpful information packed in these pages, one might think Kenzie Swanhart helped build the Foodi from the ground up, and one would be correct because she did. Whether it's a show-stopping dinner date at home or a quick snack for the kids, Kenzie and your Foodi have you covered."―Justin Warner, chef, author, and winner of Food Network Star"Kenzie Swanhart knocked it out the ballpark with this one. The Ninja Foodi Complete Cookbook for Beginners should be considered a must-have for anyone with the Ninja Foodi. Not only does Kenzie give a comprehensive explanation of the appliance, but the recipes are also easy yet delicious. And there's a wide variety of recipes for everyone, regardless of your dietary restrictions."―Shannon Epstein, author of Easy & Healthy Slow Cooker Cookbook"Whether you're a seasoned pressure cooking or air frying fan, or new to one or both, Kenzie holds your hand as she introduces you to the Foodi and explains just how you can get elevated "home cooked" food to your table fast--with a pinch of restaurant-quality. As a vegan chef, I'm particularly pleased with her approach to some of my favorites: tofu, beans, and veggies like mushrooms and sweet potatoes (nutrition superstars). This is the definitive guide to understand the new appliance that pressure cooks and crisps!"―JL Fields, author of Vegan Pressure Cooking and The Vegan Air Fryer About the Author Kenzie Swanhart is a food blogger, culinary professional, and bestselling author of Paleo in 28 and Spiralize It!, among other titles. With more than 100,000 copies of her cookbooks sold, Kenzie never wavers in her mission: creating and sharing easy yet flavorful recipes made with real ingredients. As the head of culinary marketing and innovation for Ninja, a leading kitchen appliance company, Kenzie and her team provide a unique, food-first point of view for the development of new products and recipes to make consumers’ lives easier and healthier. You’ll also see her serving as the face of Ninja on a leading television home shopping network, where she shares tips, tricks, and recipes for the company’s full line of products.