Open a Profitable Home Business Crafting Beautiful 3D Picture Frames

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Product Description Open a Profitable Home Business Crafting Beautiful 3D Picture Frames This book looks into the possibility of opening a home based business making beautiful 3D picture frames. 3D picture frames are uniquely designed, picture frames with various forms of embellishments used to create a work of art, that displays photos beautifully. It delves into the aspect of creating your own unique embellished picture frames, designing your projects, and even marketing your finished product. It is not targeted towards opening a standard picture framing business or service seen in most towns, but is more directed towards the creative craft business market. The main focus is upon the creative aspect of this type of business. There are many reasons why people seek a home based business, and it highlights some of those reasons and benefits. It is outside the intended scope of this book to delve much into taxes, incorporation, obtaining startup capital, getting legal or accounting advice, market research, and creating a business plan, as each of these subjects can be extensive and are books unto themselves. There are however, resources listed to help point readers in the right direction to gather more data of the above topics, before proceeding. Due diligence is needed when considering any business to start up. If you're looking for a possible home based business, this is a good read to consider this avenue. About the Author Born in the lush and beautiful state of Washington, author Amber Richards has always been surrounded by inspiration. She has been writing and creating for as long as she can remember and today still calls the Pacific Northwest home. Amber's books span a multitude of topics, but all have one thing in common. Her love of nature, children and family are the basis of each, and her passion is apparent on every page. Most recently she has added watercolor artist to her catalogue of talents, and needs only to gaze out her window for daily motivation. When Amber isn't breathing life into a new book or painting, she is surrounded by a loving family. She is the proud mother of two children and enjoys every moment she spends with her five grandchildren.