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Pray Tell, Private Hell Bartel, Steven

Pray Tell, Private Hell Bartel, Steven

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American Civil War poetry: private thoughts with a wry sense of humor from an everyman soldier during this momentous time in American history. Critical acclaim James McPherson, Pulitzer Prize winner, Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era: “I read through [Private Hell's poems] with admiration for your muse and your insight into the life of a private soldier. I will keep them on my bookshelf and consult them from time to time when I wish to commune with the past.” Steve Allen, Author, composer, playwright, TV icon: “Fascinating . . . each of the poems is powerful and makes an important philosophical point. The book deserves wide attention.” Charles Champlin, Arts Critic Emeritus, Los Angeles Times: “[A] remarkable sheaf of poems . . . an original concept brought off most excellently well . . . so many are sardonically funny, and the more touching for their note of hard irony.” Bertram Barnett, Interpretive Ranger, Gettysburg National Military Park, and expert on poetry in Civil War America: “This collection of soldier-poems, narrated by the singular Pvt., a ubiquitous Everyman, is a marvelous creation. In the modern era, where the power of poetry as a medium and as message seemed nearly lost, Pvt. Hell's commonly uncommon reflections regarding the wanton destruction around him are powerful stuff, delivered in a period package. Placed in the unenviable ranks of some Civil War army, living and dying, dying or dead, his devilishly sarcastic wit shines through clearly, but never at the expense of the truth. Where feeling and understanding are called for, they appear with an artist's touch. As author (and the Private’s occasional foil), Steven B. Bartel retains command of Victorian sensibilities, and transmits them authentically. Using meter to deliver its messages, Pray Tell, Private Hell is a unique and worthwhile addition to the modern literature of the Civil War.” About the author Steven Bartel’s keen interest in the American Civil War began when he was nine, at th


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