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Praying with Mary: Sacred Prayers to the Blessed Mother for All Occasions

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Product Description To praise Mary is to praise the way God chose to redeem the human race. Praying to and with the Blessed Virgin Mary is a tradition many centuries old. Throughout history we have looked to Mary for hope, solace, and guidance, and she has become the champion of the desperate, the weak, and the poor with magnificent prayers from around the world dedicated to her. Praying with Mary explores this practice, looks to the source of these prayers, them arranges them so we can easily find the very thing we are looking for, such as: strength in times of desperation, peace in times of strife, healing in times of suffering, compassion in times of sorrow, and love in times of isolation. Not simply a collection of prayers to the Blessed Virgin, Praying with Mary is a wonderful reference guide designed to assist in our daily lives. This book contains helpful prayers for specific needs, such as: prayers for gratitude, prayers for daily inspiration, prayer for holiness, and prayers for God's help and divine protection. However it is used, this exquisite volume will nurture and strengthen you along the challenging journey of life. About the Author Janice T. Connell is the bestselling author of Meetings with Mary, Angel Power, and Praying with Mary. She is an attorney who is widely respected throughout the world as a lecturer on spiritual, cultural, and social issues. She lives in Arizona.