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Saturday Night at the Beastro Zalben, Jane Breskin

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Product description Dinner is served at the Beastro, and it's like no meal seen before! Fang-smacking delicacies grace the tables, with sloths, slugs, and crunchy bugs wiggling on platters. And for dessert, there's nothing like batwing pudding to delight the palate -- all washed down with a glass of skunk juice!For this rowdy gathering of hungry monsters, the Beastro is well prepared to satisfy the strangest of appetites. Jane Breskin Zalben and Steven Zalben's unique verse and eclectic artwork -- created with original photography, digital manipulation, hand painting, and detailed collage -- combine to make this one of the most stunningly stylish and unusually elegant affairs ever! About the Author Jane Breskin Zalben is the author and illustrator of more than fifty children’s books, including picture books, young adult novels, and cook books. She is particularly known for her sweet picture books about the young bear named Beni—one of which, Beni's Family Cookbook, was an ALA Notable Book. She has also illustrated versions of Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky and The Walrus and the Carpenter. Her latest books include Let There Be Light: Poems and Prayers for Repairing the World, and Hey, Momma Goose. A graduate of Queens College, she taught at the School of Visual Arts for many years and is a painter in the modern tradition. This is her first book with Harper. She is married to Steven Zalben who co-authored and co-created this book. Saturday Night at the Beastro grew out of Jane and Steven’s love of fine food and fancy wordplay. They live on Long Island, NY.