The Complete Step-By-Step Guide To Publishing Books, Articles & Other Content For The Amazon Kindle: Creating Your Own Success Story With New Technologies

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Product Description Here's the do-it-yourself guide to creating your own success story with new technologies: the book that is helping thousands of authors and publishers to make a smooth and profitable transition to the digital publishing future, by Stephen Windwalker, who has learned from his experiences as an author, bookseller, and publishing executive to sell more copies than any other author in Amazon's Kindle Bookstore. Chapters include: A Step-by-Step Approach to Publishing a Kindle Edition of Your Book or Document, Publishing Your Fiction on the Kindle Platform, Start Earning a Living Today Writing Articles for the Kindle, The Business Side of Kindle Publishing, and Rebel Distribution and Amazon's Marketplace of the Mind: Why You Need a Publisher Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle. 41,000 words. About the Author Stephen Windwalker writes the indieKindle blog and is the author of several books and numerous short-form pieces of fiction and nonfiction, some under his real name. He has worked as a community organizer, fruit picker, bean counter, sports writer, dishwasher, publishing industry executive, elected official, sandwich maker, and bookseller, among other things. Windwalker attended and eventually graduated from Harvard College with the help of a full scholarship. While an undergraduate he served as fiction editor of the Harvard Advocate and studied with Monroe Engel, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Robert Lowell, and Carter Wilson. He lives near Boston and is astonished by the fact that he is the author of one of the top selling titles in the Amazon Kindle store.


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