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The Drywall Finisher's Handbook

The Drywall Finisher's Handbook

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The Drywall Finisher’s Handbook is a step-by-step walk-through on how to easily finish drywall. It has all the tricks and secrets the pros won’t share or are too afraid to let you know. This book is based on my own personal experiences as a professional drywall contractor. I ran the field operations for a small company in the Midwest for several years. We were a drywall contractor working in residential, commercial, and restoration, with the majority of our work being in the residential area. It was in this area that I developed a new and revolutionary process for finishing drywall. Normally you would spread mud on the wall with what is known as the pan and knife technique. My new process uses paint rollers to spread the mud allowing the user to cover much more area in far less time. I have laid out a step-by-step process that will provide the user with professional results with half the effort of anything to date.


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