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The Macgregors; Serena, Caine-(2 Books in One)

The Macgregors; Serena, Caine-(2 Books in One)

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Shipping calculated at checkout. Review In the wake of the success of The MacGregor Brides and The MacGregor Grooms, New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts has repackaged and reissued the sagas of earlier generations, beginning with Serena and Caine, daughter and son of family patriarch Daniel MacGregor. Daniel's romantic machinations embroil Serena and Caine with another brother and sister team, Justin and Diana Blade. In Playing the Odds, Comanche gambler Justin Blade finds himself on a vacation cruise to the Bahamas where he is instantly attracted to a violet-eyed casino dealer. Only later does he learn that the lissome Serena is one and the same as the much-degreed Rena MacGregor, daughter of his longtime silent business partner, Daniel MacGregor. Serena makes it her practice to never get involved with gamblers, but the predatory gaze of Justin Blade steals her breath and steels her resolve to ignore his overtures. When Justin makes her an offer she can't refuse--the position of casino manager in his Atlantic City hotel-casino--Serena finds herself drawn to the man who worked his way up from nowhere, never swerving in his pursuit of financial success and possession of Serena. In this contemporary drama, the house (and the heart) always wins! Once settled as Justin's partner in business and in life, Serena invites Justin's sister Diana to visit. To Diana, Justin is the beloved older brother who abandoned her 20 years earlier, after their mother's death, leaving Diana to be raised by her cold Aunt Adelaide who demanded absolute obedience from her. Now a Harvard-educated lawyer in Boston, Diana is a cool operator, her emotions packed tightly away, until Caine MacGregor, her new sister-in-law's brother and infamous rogue of Harvard Law's ivied halls, greets her at the airport on her visit to get to know the brother she loved so long ago. Diana finds herself in turmoil, trying to deal with her hurt and anger toward her brother and the attraction that she feels for Caine who just happens to be near whenever Diana's well-guarded shell cracks. Caine works inexorably to overcome the much-exaggerated tales of his law school peccadilloes, slowly changing Diana's mind about his playboy reputation and teaching her to trust her heart and him. No one builds romantic tension better than Nora Roberts; even the second (or third or fourth) reading is every bit as exciting as the first! --Alison Trinkle Product Description Two heartwarming stories from one of the romance genre's most popular authors follows Serena MacGregor as she finds danger and ultimately love on the high seas, and Caine MacGregor, who finds another attorney with as much love to give as he has. Reissue.


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