Warden Force: Masters of Destruction and Other True Game Warden Adventures: Episodes 88-100

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Product Description This is not a novel. The WARDEN FORCE series is a collection of short stories, all true adventures of the finest protectors of wildlife in the world. Game wardens, or conservation officers as they're known in some states, have been the subject of an explosion of interest during the past few years.The WARDEN FORCE series is a collection of short stories, all true adventures of the finest protectors of wildlife in the world. TV shows such as JOE PICKETT (Paramount+), WILD JUSTICE (National Geographic), NORTH WOODS LAW (Animal Planet), LONE STAR LAW (Animal Planet) have introduced the public to this dangerous and little known profession, and left them hungry for more.Award winning author Terry Hodges was himself a California State Fish and Game warden and supervisor/leader of game wardens for over 30 intense years. He writes with the authority possible only by those who have actually lived the life, who have actually packed a badge and a gun on behalf of wildlife and battled all manner of wildlife-destroying outlaws.These stories illustrate the wide variety of wildlife-related problems wardens face in California, which has a greater diversity of wildlife and wildlife habitat than any other state and is second only to Alaska in its vast expanses of wilderness.Bonus: Contains a full-length audio narration of Combat Fishing (episode 9)The eighth season contains 13 exciting true-story narrative adventures:A Matter of Survival: A warden's worst fear nearly comes true.Some Kind of No Good: A warden's exceptional skill and some blind luck combine for an interesting outcome.Payback Time: The vengeful victim of a childhood bully retaliates years later, his revenge spectacular.Drop-Countin' at Gunner's Swamp: A long-retired warden helps two employed wardens make an important duck overlimit case.Threats and Promises: A search warrant search of the home of two deer poachers yields surprises, plus a brush with a bad cop.An Extra Set of Eyes: An aging game warden lieutenant, a few days following knee surgery, ends up being far more than an observer during the action-packed, nighttime arrest of salmon poachers.Operation High Hog: A large team of wardens pit their wits against some of the worst deer and pig poachers in California history.Primal Instincts: Wardens pursue the puzzling case of two deer poachers who kill far more deer than they could ever use.Combat Fishing: An old warden, his days of foot-chases far behind him, employs stealth and trickery to capture two fleet-footed young salmon poachers.Masters of Destruction: A fearless and horribly destructive ATV-riding deer poacher repeatedly evades wardens and officers of other agencies before finally going down hard.The Ghosts of Tipper Slough: A wealthy farmer pays far more than money when he ignores a warden and destroys a particularly wonderful wetland.Leonard's Bad Word: Does a warden known for never using profanity have a slip-up over his radio one dark night?Trophy Poacher: A disturbing, physically imposing, trophy-hunting poacher and a monster wildfire put wardens to the test. Review The author, Terry Hodges, is a retired Fish and Game Patrol Lieutenant who had supervised the game wardens in two Northern California counties. This volume is the 8th in a Series of volumes of true short stories describing the experiences of "good wardens" who protect California wildlife and habitat against some of the nastiest people on the planet.I always look for the "surprise" in a book that makes it great. Terry Hodges understands how to use surprise as an element of a good story and getting to wisdom.The Preface points out three surprises often drawn from Hodges' game warden accounts: "California has more natural diversity of wildlife and wildlife habitat than any other State"--and many of its own citizens do not yet realize that this is a rural State; it is not mainly urban. And some of the most depraved crimes are committed in the rural areas-- it is not our ur