What Happened to Make You Anxious?: How to Uncover the Little “t” Traumas that Drive Your Anxiety, Worry, and Fear

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Review “I have read a lot of books about anxiety, and I can say without a doubt that What Happened to Make You Anxious? is the only book on the topic that I couldn’t put down. Jaime explains the many realities of anxiety plus what you can do about it in a relatable, interesting, and applicable way. If you struggle with anxiety, don’t skip this one.”—Elizabeth Earnshaw, LMFT, author of I Want This to Work, clinical fellow of the AAMFT, creator of @lizlistens on Instagram, and cofounder of A Better Life Therapy“What Happened to Make You Anxious by Jaime Castillo is truly an incredible resource for folks struggling with anxiety and underlying little ‘t’ traumas! This book will help you to change your relationship to anxiety and live life according to your true values. Jaime helps you to explore not just your anxiety symptoms, but also the underlying function of your anxiety. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who is feeling consumed by their anxiety and looking to improve their relationship with it!”—Jennifer Rollin, LCSW-C, therapist, founder of The Eating Disorder Center, and coauthor of The Inside Scoop on Eating Disorder Recovery“In a world where we are more anxious than ever, What Happened to Make You Anxious? is the smart and compassionate book we all need right now. In this warm and supportive guide, readers learn science-backed tools so that they can stop fighting their anxiety (and themselves) and start healing. This book is going to help so many!”—Amanda E. White, LPC, founder of @therapyforwomen, and author of Not Drinking Tonight“If you’ve ever asked yourself, ‘Why am I so anxious?,’ this is the book that will finally give you a clear answer. Jaime’s compassionate tone and easy-to-use strategies are guaranteed to help you understand, manage, and use your anxiety to help you in powerful ways.”—Whitney Goodman, LMFT, licensed psychotherapist, and author of Toxic Positivity“This is a useful guide in helping readers approach their anxiety from a place of curiosity and understanding. Jaime offers direct and succinct tools that promote action and self-reflection. This is a must-read for the person who is ready to put the shame and self-criticism to the side and take steps to transform their relationship with anxiety!”—Alyssa Mancao, LCSW, licensed clinical social worker; writer; and owner of Alyssa Marie Wellness Inc. located in Los Angeles, CA“What Happened to Make You Anxious is more than a book; it is an insightful, practical guide—full of tools and resources for people who struggle not just with anxiety, but with finding ways to respond to their fears, doubts, and feelings of overwhelm in a manageable way. Jaime Castillo’s work is beautifully written and full of professional wisdom. I highly recommend this read!”—Minaa B., LMSW, writer, speaker, and therapist“This book is fantastic, vulnerable, relatable, and versatile! It aims to help you understand the origins of anxiety, establish a relationship with worry, and cultivate connection with them to honor their purpose—as they serve as messengers. The activities within the book are creative and to the point. Jaime’s beautiful and authentic anecdotes make you feel like you are chatting with a friend who really gets you.”—Kelly O’Horo, LPC, approved consultant, and founder of Infinite Healing and Wellness, an EMDR Center for Excellence; and contributing author of Is Therapy Right for Me? Product Description Listen up! It’s time to change the way you manage your anxiety—by working with it rather than against it. This revolutionary guide provides the key to understanding the root cause of your anxiety, so you can break free from its grip.Let’s face it: anxiety can interfere with every single aspect of your life, from work and family to relationships and finances. Left unchecked, the cycle of anxiety reinforces and perpetuates itself over time, and can leave you feeling paralyzed with fear. You’ve probably attempted to “get rid of” or “outrun” your anxiety,