Why Wills Won’t Work (If You Want to Protect Your Assets):

Why Wills Won't Work (If You Want to Protect Your Assets): Safeguard Your Estate

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Product Description A customized resource to twenty-first-century estate planning cites the flaws in typical will processes while making key recommendations on such topics as protecting a child's inheritance in the event of a divorce, avoiding death taxes, and protecting an estate from probate and other sources of depletion. About the Author Armond Budish is a nationally known award-winning consumer journalist and attorney, and a pioneer in estate planning and elder law, who was recently elected to the Ohio State House of Representatives. He is the host of a weekly television show, Golden Opportunities, which airs on the Cleveland's NBC affiliate station, and he writes the weekly syndicated column "You and the Law" featured in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Columbus Dispatch, and other newspapers. A regular lecturer on estate planning and law, Budish lives in Cleveland.