Women Make the Best Salesmen: Isnt it Time You Started Using
Women Make the Best Salesmen: Isnt it Time You Started Using

Women Make the Best Salesmen: Isnt it Time You Started Using their Secrets? [Hardcover] Brem, Marion

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Product Description Inc. magazine Entrepreneur of the Year and International Automotive Hall of Fame member Marion Luna Brem reveals the strategies she learned that have made her successful in sales—and in life. As Brem makes clear, we’re all salesmen in one way or another. Whenever we try to make a good first impression or persuade someone else of our point of view, we’re selling ourselves. Brem shows how to do it better.It was the definition of a “living nightmare.” Marion Luna Brem, a thirty-year-old mother of two, had just been told the most dreadful words anyone could hear: “You have two to five years to live.” She had no job. No health insurance. Her marriage would collapse under the stress of her treatment. And her most pressing concern: How do I pay next month’s rent? “You’ve always been good with people. Why don’t you try sales?” her best friend suggested. After sixteen fruitless job interviews, Brem landed her first major “sale” – a job as a car salesman. Within two months, Brem had become salesperson of the month, and by the end of her first year, salesperson of the year. Four and a half years after selling her first car, Brem bought her own dealership, and in the next decade went on to open additional dealerships and businesses. In WOMEN MAKE THE BEST SALESMEN, Marion Luna Brem reveals countless unconventional sales stratagems she discovered, refined, and applied to build a multimillion dollar enterprise. As she makes abundantly clear, the skills one learns in sales are transferable to all walks of life. “The fact is we are all ‘salesmen’ – whether we are selling ourselves at a job interview or operating a register at a department store, trying to get our children into a special program or looking for a lifelong companion. And women, with their natural social skills and acute emotional antennae, have natural advantages both sexes can learn from.” Using examples from her own business and personal life, Brem reveals how to create a niche and name for yourself, how to turn a no into a yes, how to persuade even the most difficult people, how to open new doors, and how to close deals From Publishers Weekly Everyone is a salesperson, insists car dealership mogul Brem, and women are uniquely expert at selling. This is not just because women—who make most buying decisions today—know what buyers want, but because of so-called "natural" female traits. Brem seeks to galvanize women, especially those with little work experience outside the home, to apply the skills they already use in any relationship—negotiation, communication, intuition, attentiveness—to sales (she also encourages male readers to hone these skills as well). Brem uses her own extraordinary history as the clinching example: after two cancer surgeries, chemotherapy and a divorce, Brem found herself a single mother without medical insurance or a job at age 32. Mustering all her courage and homemaker experience, she made her first sale—she sold her skills to the car dealership manager who reluctantly hired her. Five years later, she founded her own dealership and has since become a sales sensation, and was named one of Hispanic Business magazine’s 100 Most Influential Hispanics in the United States and Inc. magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year. She chalks up her success, in part, to empathy; in chapters like "You Don’t Have to Like Them, But They Have to Like You" and "Taking Charge of the Sales Process," Brem offers a veritable carload of common sense on approaching customers, determining how to help them and closing the deal. (Rather than viewing closing as an end to the sales relationship, for example, she views it as a beginning.) Time and again, in entertaining and easily digestible prose, she makes her point that good selling is about helping—and that women, the traditional "helpmates," are innately gifted at it. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. From Booklist Those who do not believe th