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Word Search Puzzle Book for Adults: Large Print 101 Puzzles – Book 1 (Large Print Word Search)

Word Search Puzzle Book for Adults: Large Print 101 Puzzles – Book 1 (Large Print Word Search)

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Relax and enjoy solving 101 challenging puzzles to stay sharp and have fun! This large-print 8.5” x 11” book won’t fit in your pocket, but you can slip it in your briefcase, carry-on or beach bag and relax with a puzzle in your spare moments. You can also just tear out a page and take it with you.Over 3000 interesting words to find include something for everyone, from teens to seniors.Wide variety of topics appeal to multiple generations and feature categories like 50’s Music, U.S. Astronauts, It’s Hawaiian, Candy, Car Parts, Hair Styles and more.Easy on the eyes - Letters for both the puzzle and the word list are nice and big, so they’re easy to read without glasses. 30 words for each topic are right below the puzzle, making it simple to check them off as you find them. Solutions are at the back.Extra wide center margins make it easier to solve the puzzles when you fold the book back and easier to tear out a page to take with you.Get more than one book and arrange a friendly challenge! Boost Your BrainpowerUnfamiliar words help expand your vocabulary and knowledge of trivia. You may find yourself looking up words or asking, “What does this word have to do with this topic?” Familiar words trigger connections and help memory.Keep your brain fit using eye-hand coordination skills and pattern recognition strategies to find words hidden backwards, forwards, up, down and on the diagonal. Crossing and overlapping words will challenge even experienced puzzlers.Great Gift Idea for a Variety of AgesFor novice or expert, teen or senior, this book is an excellent choice. Engaging words and themes appeal across generations. The large print is ideal for those with declining vision. It provides a fun way to pass the time while waiting, traveling, or relaxing. It’s a perfect activity during commercial breaks!Look for other books from Kat Andrews, including Sudoku books for adults and kids.


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