You Are Never Alone Bible Study Guide: Trust in the Miracle of God's Presence and Power

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Product Description What is the message behind the miracles of Jesus? Max Lucado will take you and your study group on an investigation of the Gospel of John to answer this question and to show us that our miracle-working God is always nearer than we think. When Jesus healed the sick, walked on water, resurrected Lazarus, turned water into wine: what do these miraculous signs mean for us? What do they tell us about our God? John chose the stories and events from Jesus' life that he believed would make his readers understand this essential message about who Jesus is: that God is with us.Each part of this 6-session video study guide (DVD/video streaming sold separately) makes this message clear in a different aspect of our lives. Sessions include: God is With You in the Ordinary  God is With You When You're Stuck  God is With You in the Storm  God is With You in the Dark  God is With You in the ValleyGod is With You When You Need GraceAs you work through this study guide, you'll come to understand God's nearness in new ways. You'll see with fresh perspective how God hears us, forgives us, heals us. You'll learn that you are stronger than you think because God is nearer than you know. Designed for use with the You Are Never Alone Video Study available on DVD or streaming video, sold separately.